Artemis is a battle angel from Heaven. She appears as a fifteen-year-old girl. The times between Heaven, Hell and Earth are different. For example, while it's 15 years in Heaven, it's been a thousands of years on Earth. Artemis carries the name of the goddess of the moon and also the goddess of the hunt. Some people say she's a reincarnation of the goddess Artemis. 


Artemis is an angel who grew up in heaven. After she reached a certain age, she was sent to the battle academy to learn how to fight and use her powers. She has been practising the rest of her life. Artemis was one of the best fighters, even though she seemed to have some trouble controlling her power. But now, after spending lots of time practising, she's learning one of the most powerful attacks: the Spirit of Light. This attack causes every (dark) enemy to get destroyed over a real big surface by gathering all of her power and send it as an attack over the surface. 

Artemis is still busy learning to control the real power that dwells inside of her. She seems to have a good control of it at times, but not for long.


Artemis is a calm girl who knows a lot about Greek mythology. She is actually a pretty shy girl, but she doesn't show it. Artemis loves to be outside in the night and look at the moon and the stars. 

Artemis, true form
Once Artemis turns into her true form, the battle angel, her personality changes as well. She becomes more strict and also more serious. Artemis is a good strategist and a good fighter. 


Artemis has got blond hair and blue eyes. She usually wears a dress when she's a human. Her hair appears to have a golden shade and is also very soft. Her eyes are a deep blue color.

Artemis' true form has got long blond - almost white because it shines - hair and blue eyes. She has battle wings, which seem to light up, and a blue uniform. Artemis doesn't seem to carry a weapon, but once she needs it, she'll summon it. 



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