Anima is an odd girl. People say she's cursed because a boy who bullied her once disappeared. When he came back, he wasn't himself anymore.

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Anima has a 'gift': she can see and talk to the spirits which are trapped between Earth and heaven. Her eyes get hazy and the colour changes a bit when she sees the spirits and/or auras of people.

There's one spirit of a girl who got bullied until her death. She took over Anima after Anima got bullied again and takes revenge.

People avoid Anima because they think she'll hurt them, causing Anima to always be alone and to not have any friends. She's often jealous of people who hang out with friends or family.

Anima 2


Anima's parents died in an accident. Anima was also involved in this accident but survived because a spirit saved her just before the accident happened. Anima got a scratch behind her ear from the accident and a scratch on her back.

Anima started to see those spirits when she was 5. Her parents never believed her, even just before that accident they didn't.

Ever since that accident, Anima changed. She became more quiet and smiled and laughed less. People started bullying her because she had no parents and friends anymore. That's when the trouble started. Anima met the spirit of the girl who got bullied until her death. She promised to help Anima. Anima accepted her help, not knowing what trouble would follow.

The spirit took over Anima after she got bullied again. The people who bullied got hurt and came to school with bruises and little wounds. But it got worse. The bullies had to go to the hospital or had broken bones. They all blamed Anima, and she didn't know a thing. It even went that far that people disappeared. After that Anima found out she was indeed the one who did all those things.


Anima eye

Anime's eye when she's seeing spirits

Anima has long, blond and a bit curly hair. She has light orange eyes which change colour and get hazy when she sees spirits and/or aura's. Her skin is a bit pale.


• "Anima Videns" means "Seeing Spirit" (Anima = Spirit. Videns = Seeing)


Anima; The accident

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