Amy is a 15 year old part-Japanese, part-English girl from London.


Amy lived in England with her mother, younger sister and father until she was 6 years old. She then moved to Japan. After she moved to Tokyo, she got made fun of because she spoke differently and dressed in a different way, too. However, after that she met Taylor and they became good friends.


Amy is about normal height, she has blue eyes and long light brown hair that reaches just past her waist. She also has two braids. Both braids are tied with a light blue ribbon.


Amy is friendly, kind, caring and a little shy, she is willing to help her friends out when they need her, she is also a kind of girly-girl because she likes to wear dresses, she hates mud, and her favourite colour is purple. She is also a bit of a loner, because she usually sits at a table by herself and walks around alone.


Amy loves to draw and is very good at it, she mostly likes to draw birds and other animals. Apart from drawing she likes to cook, sing, and dance.


Andrew Fairwell (father)

Eva Fairwell (mother)

Jenna Fairwell (younger sister)