Allyster brown

Allyster Brown is a 13 year old son of the Sun God Helios.


Allyster is born in the city of Los Angles then when he was at the age of seven his mother died. So his father sent a centaur, half human-half horse to protect him. After a few days the both were best friends, they used to have archery competitons. They used to live, eat and do many other things together. The centaur tried not to keep him sad. Whichever mosters used to come in thier way, trying to harm them. They used to rip them off.  


He is very kind and trusts his friends but when he is angry he rages with anger and kills the enemy monster. When he was 10 a huge hellhound suddenly appeared in front of them. The hellhound was so strong that he killed the centaur then Allyster got angry and killed the hellhound by one shot of his arrow. Now he lives alone.


He has dark orange hair and blue eyes, he usually wears an orange shirt, a black and green locket and black pants. His skin is peach colour. He likes to stand under the sunlight a lot. He has a lot of cuts on his body.