Adelyna is a 16-year-old girl who lives in Japan. 


Adelyna's parents originate from the United States of America and moved to Japan while Adelyna's mother was still pregnant of Adelyna. Adelyna also has a sister, who was born 3 years after her. At the age of 13 and 10, the girls went to play outside, but they shouldn't have done that...

The girls went to the park and Adelyna decided to do a race. Her little sister, Maria agreed to this and so they started to run. But when crossing the road, a truck came driving towards them. Maria, who was the bravest of the two, pushed her big sister away, making it hit her instead. This caused her death and caused Adelyna to feel guilty about it. She keeps thinking it was her fault. Adelyna keeps wishing it was her and not her sister who got hit. 
Adelyna and her sister


Adelyna used to be a cheerful and happy girl, always optimistic and a person who barely saw the bad sides of things. But this changed after her sister's death. She became quiet and sad. Day after day she wished it was all a bad dream, but nothing could be less true. Adelyna tried to accept it, but she couldn't. She still cries about it every once in a while after a year.
Adelyna 2


Adelyna has long blond hair, which the wind plays with because it's light. She has green eyes. She's skinny and rarely goes outside, causing her skin to be a bit white. 



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